Are you Looking for a New Dentist?

Our phone number is:  (860) 232-8466

 Finding a new dentist is tricky - sort of like a blind date. If you don't like a new dentist, you have wasted time and money. Some dentists see every new patient as a 'cash-cow' and will treat you like the term implies.

When you visit my dental office, I won't chastise you for your past dental transgressions. Expect me to take time to educate you and show you with an intra-oral camera what is going on in your mouth. Ultimately, my goal is to help you think like a dentist or hygienist. I will treat you as a member of my family and recommend no less than I would for myself. 

  I have been a dentist in West Hartford 's Elmwood section for the past 40 years. West Hartford is a great community and I am proud to be a part of it. Many of my patients have seen me throughout my career; they were dental patients of my father and even my grandfather (and and uncle who was a dentist and two cousins who were dentists - do you see a pattern here?). I hope that you will become one of these wonderful folks who have supported myself and my family. In return, I'll give you my all.

  I am a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) which means that I have taken a minimum of 500 hours (it's probably well over a thousand by now) of Medical and Dental Continuing Education and passed a daylong examination. I take monthly continuing dental education courses (and have since 1983). There is always more to learn - every person is different and dentistry is constantly changing.

 The changes in dentistry over thirty years have been nothing short of amazing. Dental implants can restore chewing power and in some ways are better than teeth. Cosmetic white filling materials are durable and blend in with your pearly whites. Today, it's easy to make your smile youthful with porcelain veneers. Dental decay is on the decrease as is gum disease. As always, prevention is the key. Options in your treatment plan are always available and there is usually more than one way to fix a tooth!

  I am proud of helping my West Hartford community. I am head of the Elmwood Business Association  And I am proud that I have helped bring elm trees back to Elmwood and West Hartford. Several dozen have been planted since 2007. I also publish the Elmwood Gazette an e-mail newsletter about the Elmwood section of West Hartford. You can find out how to get it elsewhere on this site. 

Our phone number is:  (860) 232-8466

Our dental office is conveniently located at 10 Princeton Street, next to the Racquet Koop and across from Pepe's Pizza New Britain Avenue. That's only a mile or two from West Hartford Center and WE HAVE FREE PARKING!!!

We are just down the street from Westfarms Mall in the Elmwood section of West Hartford

P.S.     We share the building with Dr. Elizabeth Romac-Karrenberg, a wonderful podiatrist. However, this does lead to some pretty goofy jokes about foot and mouth disease in the same building.  

Her phone is 233-1978.


I am a family dentist in West Hartford and provide dental services such as Smile Enhancements, Cosmetic Dentistry, Bleaching, Dental Veneers,  Gum Treatment (Perio), General Dentistry and am easily available to the 06110 06111 06119 06107 06106 Zip codes in Connecticut Conn. CT Our office is convenient to I-84, Hartford, West Hartford Center,Westfarms, Farmington, Newington, Elmwood, and New Britain Avenue

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